Friday, January 4, 2008

Bangalore Autowallah vs Traffic Police - English To Kannada

Nice conversation between Autowallah and Traffic Police in Bangalore.

In English:
Once Autowallah was driving and suddenly Traffic Police stopped him and asked him to get down.
Autowallah: why ??
Traffic Police : Your auto is overloaded. You're supposed to carry only 2/3 people on back but you're carrying 5 people on back
and 2 people in the front - either side of you (driver). You've to pay fine now and repeated offence or traffic violation leads to license cancellation in the future.
Autowallah: Ok sir. By the way, Is this traffic rule applies to any vehicle in the city ??
Traffic Police : YES.
Autowallah: Are you sure ??
Traffic Police : YES, Of course.
Autowallah: Sir, please stop that BMTC(government) Bus ?
Traffic Police : Why ??
Autowallah: Bus is overloaded Sir. It is supposed to carry approx. 50 people but it carries nearly 150 people which is violating the traffic rules right?
!!! Traffic Police astonished !!!

The above conversation is translated into Kannada which is as follows:
In Kannada:
Omme Auto chaalaka gaadi nadesuthiruvaaga, traffic police thade haaki auto chaalakanannu iliyalu helidanu.
Auto chaalaka: Yaake ??
Traffic Police: Ninna auto overload aagOgidhey adakke. Neenu ibbaru(2) athava moovarannu(3) karedhu kondu hogabahudu ashte aadare neenu aidhu(5) janarannu hindey haagu ibbarannu(2) mundey ninna akka-pakka koodisukondu hogutha idya. Neenu kaanoonina viruddha vaagee Odisuthiddeya, adakkagee eega neenu fine kattabeku. Mathey heegey maadee sikki haakikondarey ninna auto license cancel maadbekaagathey hushaar.
Auto chaalaka: sari sir. Aadare eee rules athava kaanoonu ella gaadigaligu anvayisutha ??
Traffic Police: Howdhu.
Auto chaalaka: Oh haagaadhrey ella gaadigaligu anvayisutha ??
Traffic Police : Howdhaiah.
Auto chaalaka: Sir, haagadhare aaa BMTC (government) Bus hogthidyalla adannu nillisi ?
Traffic Police: Yaake ?
Auto chaalaka: Aaa bus overload aagOgidhey sir. BMTC busgaLu ivathakintha hechchu janaranna hathisha baaradu aadre aaa Bus nalli hecchu kadime noora ivathu (150) jana hathidaare adhu kaaanooina virudhha allave ??
!!! Traffic Police aascharya soochaney kaana thodagithu !!!

- Nanda Kishor from - A netizen of Bangalore


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How to fix this problem?

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