Friday, November 16, 2007

Few proverbs or gAdegaLu - Kannada To English

Few proverbs or gAdegaLu - Kannada To English

* aDikege hOda mAna Ane koTru barolla (Kannada)
- The reputation lost for a betel nut cannot be regained by donating an elephant (English)

aDike means "betel nut" in English
mAna means "reputation" in English
Ane means "elephant" in English
koTru means "give" or "donate" in English
barolla means "won't come" or "cannot be regained" in English
hOda means "gone" or "lost" in English

* aDDa gODeya mEle dIpa iTTa hAge (Kannada)
- It is like placing a lamp atop a partitioning wall (English)

dIpa means "lamp" in English
mEle means "atop" in English
gODe means "wall" in English
aDDa means "partitioning wall" in English
iTTa hAge means "like placing" in English

* athegondu kAla, sosegondu kAla (Kannada)
- There is a time for mother-in-law and a time for daughter-in-law (English)
This proverb is similar to "Every dog has his day."

athe means "mother-in-law" in English
sose means "daughter-in-law" in English
kAla means "time" in English

* AAseye DHukaKe Mula (Kannada)
- Desire is the cause of all Sorrow (English)

AAse means "desire" in English
DHuka means "sorrow" in English
Mula means "cause" or "source" or "root" in English

Source: Wikiquote

Hope it helps!

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Pronounciation Guide - English To Kannada

When you write Kannada words in English, pronunciation may not be accurate while reading it. Just to bridge this gap, here's the guidelines followed more commonly by many people including few language translator softwares or tools:

The vowels that are capitalized are long such as:

kEli (here E is as in Baby).
- kEli means 'ask' in English.

Ane ( here A is as in Ball).
- Ane means 'elephant' in English.

In contrast, in aDike a is short as in "arrogant".
- aDike means 'betel nut' in English.

hOda (here O is as in goal)
- hOda means 'gone' in English.

vIra (Here I is as in Meeting)
- vIra means 'winner' in English.

pUjari (here U is as in cool)
- pUjari means 'priest' in English.

Will try to cover few more words, its meaning & pronounciation during my free time.

Hope it helps!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

deepavali shubhashayagalu

best wishes for diwali

yellarigu = all
deepavali - diwali
habbadha = festival
shubhashayagalu = best wishes

yellarigu deepavali habbadha shubhashayagalu

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Kannada Rajyothsava on Nov 1st - English to Kannada

Nov 1st is Kannada Rajyothsava.

Greeting - English to Kannada:
Wish you happy Kannada Rajyothsava = Kannada Rajyothsavada Shubhashayagalu

FYI, Significance of Nov 1st.
Kannada Rajyotsava, or the Karnataka Formation Day (literally "Birth of the Kannada State") is celebrated on 1st November every year. This was the day in 1956 when all the Kannada speaking regions of south India were merged to form the state of Karnataka.

Source: Wikipedia - Karnataka_Rajyotsava

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