Friday, February 29, 2008

Lyrics of popular song Anisuthidey from Mungaru Male - English To Kannada

Anisuthide Mungaru Male song lyrics

Lyrics of this song:
Anisuthidey yaakO indu
Neeneyney nannavalendu
Maayadaa lOkadinda
Nanagaagee bandavalendu
Aahaa yentha madhura yaathaney
KOllu hudugi Omme nannaaa, haagey summaney
Anisuthidey yaakO indu

Suriyuva sOneyu soosidey ninnadey parimala
Innyara kanasulu neenu hodarey talamala
Poorna chandira rajaa haakida
Ninnaya mogavanu kanda kshanaa…
Naa khaidi neeney seremaney
Tabbi nanna appiko Ommey…. haage summaney…
Anisuthidey yaakO indu…

Tutigala hoovali aadada maathina sihiyidey
Manasina putadali kevala ninnadey sahiyidey
Haneyali bareyada ninna hesara
Hrudayadi naaney kOrediruvey
Ninaguntey idara kalpaney
Nanna hesara koogey Ommey… haagey summaney…

Anisuthidey yaakO indu…
Neeneyney nannavalendu…
Maayadaa lOkadinda
Nanagaagi bandavalendu
Aahaa yentha madhura yaathaney
Kollu hudugi Omme nanna…, haage summane…
Anisuthidey yaakO indu…

- by Nanda Kishor from - A netizen of Bangalore


Nina said...

This is such a beautiful Kannada song. I just love the music and song. Thanks for posting it here. My request can you kindly translate the meaning in English and send it to my email: I am a Bombayite and learning Kannada.There are other lovely Kannada songs too can you guide me as to where I can get its English translation. Kindly oblige.


Ashish said...

sir, for me also ..please translate this it on your blog ...plz send it to

Anonymous said...

please send the translation in English to this mail id

Anonymous said...

Need song lyrics for song Aaramagi Idde Naanu from movie Gokula.

രഘു said...

can u put for madhura pisumaatige???
the video is removed for this post!!!

RakeshdilseMusicworld said...

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Nina said...

To: RakeshdilseMusicworld: Why don't you try your luck with these people:

The address and contact details are there. Don't know them personally, but saw their advt. They are based in Bangalore and promote singers and artists. All the best.