Saturday, October 13, 2007

Relationships in a Family - English To Kannada

Relationships in a Family translated from English To Kannada are as follows:

Grand Father = Thaatha
Grand Mother = Ajji
Daddy OR Dad = Appa
Mummy or Mom = Amma
Husband = Ganda
Wife = Hendathi
Elder Brother = Doddanna OR Anna
Younger Brother = Thamma
Elder Sister = Doddakka or Akka
Younger Sister = Thangi
Son = Maga
Daughter = Magalu
Child = Magu
Grand Child = Mommagu
Grand Son = Mommaga
Grand Daughter = Mommagalu
Dad's elder brother = Doddappa
Dad's younger brother = Chikkappa
Mom' elder brother = Dodda Maava
Mom's younger brother = Chikka Maava
Dad's elder sister OR wife of Mom's elder brother = Doddathe
Dad's younger sister OR wife of Mom's younger brother = Chikkathe
Mom's elder sister OR wife of Dad's elder brother = Doddamma
Mom's younger sister OR wife of Dad's younger brother = Chikkamma
Brother's wife = Athige
Wife's brother = Bhaava

Also gender details are as follows:
boy = Huduga
girl = Hudugi
Men = Gandu
Women = Hennu

Hope it helps!

- by - A netizen of Bangalore


Sudhi said...

it should Man - gandu & Woman - hennu (Singular)
then Men becomes - gandugalu & women becomes -hennugalu (PLURAL)

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Anonymous said...

what are equivalent of:

Mausa (Mother > Her Sister > Her Husband)

Phupha (Father > His Sister > Her husband)

World of Warcraft Gold Guides said...

nice post!

Anonymous said...

Mausa (Mother > Her Sister(Elder) > Her Husband) = Doddappa

Mausa (Mother > Her Sister(Younger) > Her Husband) = Chikkappa

Phupha (Father > His Sister > Her husband) = Mama

dimple r said...

What about younger brothers wife is it still athige?

Anonymous said...

What is sisters husband?? Baava?

Alok Chandar said...

Sister's husband = bhaava

Wife's brother = bhamaida

Anonymous said...

what is husband's brother's wife called in kannada? i mean my co-sister?

Anonymous said...

plural of man (gandu) and woman (hennu) is Men (gandasaru), women (hengasaru)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my elder sister's son and my chikkappa daughter, what is the relation

DD said...

Whats my sisters husband called in kannada

Dhanush said...

What do you call wife's elder sister?