Saturday, January 5, 2008

Talking to house maid : Part 1 - English To Kannada

Talking to house maid : Part 1
Swalpa kasa gudsi bidi, (Sweep the floor)
Toilet swalpa clean madi bidi (clean the toilet)
Naale Eshtu gantege bartheera? (at what time will you come tomorrow)
Ninne yaake bandilla? (why didn't you come yesterday)
Nimage Eshtu sambala kodabeku? (How much salary do you expect?)
Naale naanu oorinalli irolla, neevu barodu beda (I will be out of station, you need not come tomorrow)

Eee kade (this side)
Aaa kade (that side)
alli (there)
illi (here)
kasa (dust)
gante (time)
Naale (Tomorrow)
Ninne (Yesterday)
yaake (Why?)
Eshtu (How much?)

Contributed by: Venki

- - A netizen of Bangalore


Mani said...

its good I am trying to pick up some kannada as i wish to come over there.

Andy said...

One of my Colleagues from North discovered the magic word Swalpa. He uses this at the start of all conversations @ the angadi,@chaishop you name it.

Will certainly have him read your post. Waiting for more along the same line..

Anonymous said...

It would be great if you can conversation at petrol bunk

Rajjo said...

this is really helpful thank you so much...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

thanx for it.That was indeed helpful.But i would appreaciate if there is more of it,because there r many things i would like to learn,especially a beginner like me,to be able to ask my maid to do the household the floor,washing utensils,etc.How do u convey such things?anyway the above was indeed helpful.

Shailesh said...

Thanks for part-1
I am searching for "At what time she will come today as she is late" but i only got "At what time she will come tomo"
Please write some in Kannada". If you need i can share my queries in English and you translate them in Kannada:)
Thanks any way. I did not find part 2 3 4 of it.

Sarita said...

Thanks so much, it will b so easy now to talk 2 my maid.

Neha said...

Thankyou ! It helped a lot in picking up few words

onebrother said...

great initiative.. is there any speaking kannada class in an around Hennur. I desperately want to speak kannada fluently.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much