Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting information - Part 1 - English To Kannada

Getting information - English To Kannada

Will you be coming by car or by train?
Neenu Car nalli birtheeya athava train nalli birtheeya ?
Neevu Car nalli birtheera athava train nalli birtheera ?

Here the words: Neevu & birtheera are used to respect others.
Whereas words like Neenu & birtheeya are used with friends, children, etc.

It's much easier if you take the train.
Neenu (or Neevu) train nalli bandarey thumba sulabha aaguthey.

Which hotel are you staying at?
Yaava hotel nalli vishranthi thegadu-kollu-thiddeera ?

Meaning of some the words used here are:
* You = Neevu or Neenu
* Or = athava
* easier = sulabha
* much = thumba

Please let us know if you need some help to speak or write few English equivalent sentences in Kannada.

- by Nanda Kishor from - A netizen of Bangalore


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