Friday, November 16, 2007

Few proverbs or gAdegaLu - Kannada To English

Few proverbs or gAdegaLu - Kannada To English

* aDikege hOda mAna Ane koTru barolla (Kannada)
- The reputation lost for a betel nut cannot be regained by donating an elephant (English)

aDike means "betel nut" in English
mAna means "reputation" in English
Ane means "elephant" in English
koTru means "give" or "donate" in English
barolla means "won't come" or "cannot be regained" in English
hOda means "gone" or "lost" in English

* aDDa gODeya mEle dIpa iTTa hAge (Kannada)
- It is like placing a lamp atop a partitioning wall (English)

dIpa means "lamp" in English
mEle means "atop" in English
gODe means "wall" in English
aDDa means "partitioning wall" in English
iTTa hAge means "like placing" in English

* athegondu kAla, sosegondu kAla (Kannada)
- There is a time for mother-in-law and a time for daughter-in-law (English)
This proverb is similar to "Every dog has his day."

athe means "mother-in-law" in English
sose means "daughter-in-law" in English
kAla means "time" in English

* AAseye DHukaKe Mula (Kannada)
- Desire is the cause of all Sorrow (English)

AAse means "desire" in English
DHuka means "sorrow" in English
Mula means "cause" or "source" or "root" in English

Source: Wikiquote

Hope it helps!

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

Pronounciation Guide - English To Kannada

When you write Kannada words in English, pronunciation may not be accurate while reading it. Just to bridge this gap, here's the guidelines followed more commonly by many people including few language translator softwares or tools:

The vowels that are capitalized are long such as:

kEli (here E is as in Baby).
- kEli means 'ask' in English.

Ane ( here A is as in Ball).
- Ane means 'elephant' in English.

In contrast, in aDike a is short as in "arrogant".
- aDike means 'betel nut' in English.

hOda (here O is as in goal)
- hOda means 'gone' in English.

vIra (Here I is as in Meeting)
- vIra means 'winner' in English.

pUjari (here U is as in cool)
- pUjari means 'priest' in English.

Will try to cover few more words, its meaning & pronounciation during my free time.

Hope it helps!

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

Thursday, November 8, 2007

deepavali shubhashayagalu

best wishes for diwali

yellarigu = all
deepavali - diwali
habbadha = festival
shubhashayagalu = best wishes

yellarigu deepavali habbadha shubhashayagalu

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Kannada Rajyothsava on Nov 1st - English to Kannada

Nov 1st is Kannada Rajyothsava.

Greeting - English to Kannada:
Wish you happy Kannada Rajyothsava = Kannada Rajyothsavada Shubhashayagalu

FYI, Significance of Nov 1st.
Kannada Rajyotsava, or the Karnataka Formation Day (literally "Birth of the Kannada State") is celebrated on 1st November every year. This was the day in 1956 when all the Kannada speaking regions of south India were merged to form the state of Karnataka.

Source: Wikipedia - Karnataka_Rajyotsava

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Flash News - Audio podcasting started!

As communicated in the earlier blog, we've started Audio podcasting such that you'll get an audio version for most of the blogs that we write here at and we hope this might be of some help to understand & pronounce the words as expected.

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

Friday, October 26, 2007

Future: Audio version of this blog site - English To Kannada

Based on my observation and feedback it looks like there is a necessity of audio version of the blog to help the readers or visitors to understand how to exactly pronounce the word(s) or speak few sentences in Kannada.

Without audio version, there are some chances in which readers of this blog site may either mis-read or not pronounce properly because right now English equivalent Kannada words are still written in english only.

Shortly I'll try to introduce the audio version for as many blogs as possible in this blog site.

FYI, I may not be able to add the audio version or voice to each and every blog but I try to do my level best during the free time.

Hope it helps!

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

Oct26 - Word(s) of the day - English To Kannada

Few important words are translated from English to Kannada are:

Veg / Vegetarian = Sasyahaari
Non-Veg / Non-Vegetarian = Maamsahaari
Fruit = Hannu
Fruits = Hannugalu
Flower = Hoovu
Flowers = Hoovugalu
Animal = Prani
Animals = Pranigalu
Bird = Hakki or Pakshi
Birds = Hakkigalu or Pakshigalu

Example usage of few of the above word(s) are as follows:

I'm vegetarian = Naanu sasyahaari.
I'm non-vegetarian = Naanu maamsahaari
Rose flower = rojaa hoova
Buy different kinds of flowers for pooja = Poojegaagi vida vidavaada hoovugalannu khareedisi

From now on I'll try to talk about the word(s) of the day/week and few sample usage i.e Kannada equivalent for English word(s)/sentences during free time.

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Talking to Autowallahs How to ? - English To Kannada

Talking to Autowallahs or Auto drivers in Bangalore - How to ?

Sir, Will you come to Koramangala? = Saar, Koramangala bertheera?
Yes = bartheeni
No = illa or baralla
Where exactly you want to go ? = Neevu sariyaagee ellige hogbeku.
I want to go to Forum mall at Koramangala = Naanu Forum mall ige hOgbeku.
Will you stop near the ATM = Swalpa ATM hathira stop maadtheera.
Sir, I want to fill the fuel - Is it fine for you? = Saar, naanu gaadige indhana (fuel) haakusbeku, Parvaagilva ?
Go via Indiranagar = Indiranagar kade inda hOgee.
You've to pay double the auto fare, Otherwise I will not come = Neevu double kotre bertheeni, illa andre baralla.
Why I should pay double the auto fare ? = Naanu yaakey double kodbeku?
At night i.e. After 10pm you've to pay the double fare ? = Raathri hothu andare hathu ganteya nanthara double kodbeku.
Its raining! you've to pay double = Male birtha ide, neevu double kodbeku.
I'll stop here. I'll not come as the road is not good and it damages my auto. = Naanu ille nillustha iddeeni. Illinda munde baralla ree, yaake andre road chennagilla! Amele nanna gaadi kettOguthey.
Please go ahead and there is a nice tar road ahead. = Swalpa mundey hOgee amele chennagirO tar road siguthey.
I'll not give double the auto fare now, Will you come or not ? = Naanu eega double kodolla kanri, birtheera ilva ?
If you don't come, I'll complain to Police = Neevu baralilla andrey police ge heltheeni.
Do'nt argue with me = Sumey argue maadbedi
Take right turn = Balakkey thirugee Or right hOgee in Kanglish ;-)
Take left turn = Edakkey thirugee Or left hOgee in Kanglish ;-)
Go straight = Nera hogee Or straight hOgee in Kanglish ;-)
What is the auto fare ? = Eshtu pay maadbeku Or Auto baadige eshtu
Minimum autofare is Rs.12 for 2 kms and Rs.6 for every 1 km = Eradu kilometer varegu - kannishta (or minimum) hanneradu rupaayee aaguthey, Amele ondu kilometer ge aaru rupaayee aaguthe.
I don't have change = Nanna hathira change illa saar
Please go fast = Swalpa bega hOgee
Please go slow = Swalpa nidhaanavaagee chalisi
What is your name ? = Nimma hesarenu?

Kanglish = swalpa Kannada + little bit English i.e. mixture of kannada & english words in a sentence.

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

Friday, October 19, 2007

b casual - aaraam

hi dude - wassup
yen guru - yen samachara (more of bang style)

yenu is cut to yen - meaning what
guru - actually is teacher, here more casually used as boss
samachara - actually means news

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vegetables - English To Kannada

Vegetable = Tarakaari
Vegetables = Tarakaarigalu

Hope learning the vegetable names in Kannada might help during your conversation with vegetable vendor(s).

Here's the list of vegetables translated from English To Kannada :

Beans = huralikaayi
Brinjal = badhane kaayi
Capsicum = dodda menasina kaayi
Cauliflower = hoo kOsu
Cabbage = ele kOsu
Coriander Leaves = kothambari sOppu
Cucumber = southe kaayi
Curry Leaves = karbevina sOppu
Chilli =
menasina kaayi
Drum Stick = nugge kaayi
Ginger = shunti
Garlic = bellulli
Green Chilli = hasiru menasina kaayi
Ladies Finger = bende kaayi
Onion = eerulli
Potato = Aaloo gadde
Raddish = Moolangi
Red Chilli = kempu menasina kaayi

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

What is MAEN (Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night) in Kannada ?

What is MAEN (Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night) in Kannada ?

Morning = Beligge
Afternoon = Madhyaanna
Evening = Saayankaala
Night = Raathri

Also few more related terms are as follows:
Sun Rise = SooryOdhaya
Sun Set = Sooryaasthama

Related Greeting messages:
Good Morning = ShubhOdhaya
Good Night
= Shubha Raathri

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

Relationships in a Family - English To Kannada

Relationships in a Family translated from English To Kannada are as follows:

Grand Father = Thaatha
Grand Mother = Ajji
Daddy OR Dad = Appa
Mummy or Mom = Amma
Husband = Ganda
Wife = Hendathi
Elder Brother = Doddanna OR Anna
Younger Brother = Thamma
Elder Sister = Doddakka or Akka
Younger Sister = Thangi
Son = Maga
Daughter = Magalu
Child = Magu
Grand Child = Mommagu
Grand Son = Mommaga
Grand Daughter = Mommagalu
Dad's elder brother = Doddappa
Dad's younger brother = Chikkappa
Mom' elder brother = Dodda Maava
Mom's younger brother = Chikka Maava
Dad's elder sister OR wife of Mom's elder brother = Doddathe
Dad's younger sister OR wife of Mom's younger brother = Chikkathe
Mom's elder sister OR wife of Dad's elder brother = Doddamma
Mom's younger sister OR wife of Dad's younger brother = Chikkamma
Brother's wife = Athige
Wife's brother = Bhaava

Also gender details are as follows:
boy = Huduga
girl = Hudugi
Men = Gandu
Women = Hennu

Hope it helps!

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

5Ws (Who,What,Where,When,Why) and one H(How) - English to Kannada

the Five Ws and one H in Kannada are as follows :

Who = Yaaru?
What = Yenu?
Where = Yelli?
When = Yaavaaga?
Why = Yaake?
How = Hengey?

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

Day of the Week - English To Kannada

Day of the week in Kannada as follows:
Sunday = Bhanuvaara
Monday = Somavaara
Tuesday = Mangalavaara
Wednesday = Bhudhavaara
Thursday = Guruvaara
Friday = Shukravaara
Saturday = Shanivaara

Today is Saturday = Indu Shanivaara

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

(Link) Kannada Alphabets - Vowels, Consonants

Following link might be of some help to know how the Kannada alphabets (vowels & consonants) and how numerals in Kannada looks, how to pronounce it, etc.

Numbers in Kannada - English to Kannada

Lets learn the numbers in kannada:

1 = ondhu
2 = eradu
3 = mooru
4 = naalku
5 = aidhu
6 = aaru
7 = elu
8 = entu
9 = ombhathu
10 = hathu
11 = hannondhu
12 = hanneradu
13 = hadhimooru
14 = hadhinaalku
15 = hadhinaidhu
16 = hadhinaaru
17 = hadhinelu
18 = hadhinentu
19 = hatthombathu
20 = ippathu
30 = moovathu
40 = nalvathu
50 = aivathu
60 = aravathu
70 = eppathu
80 = embhathu
90 = thombathu
100 = nooru
200 = innooru
300 = munnooru
400 = naannooru
500 = ainooru
600 = aarnooru
700 = elnooru
800 = entnooru
900 = ombhainooru
1,000 = ondhu saavira
1,00,000 = ondhu laksha
1,00,00,000 = ondhu koti

Welcome - English To Kannada

Welcome means Swaagatha in Kannada

Note: The content on this blog site may not be accurate !!!

Shubha Raathri means Good Night

Watch out for this space to learn some useful Kannada words that might be of some help in your daily conversation with other Kannada speakers that you come across.

Any feedback,corrections,suggestions are appreciated in advance.

Also any help to collaborate this effort from other Kannadigas to help our friends (non-kannadigas) is appreciated in advance.

Listen to the audio:

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