Friday, November 16, 2007

Pronounciation Guide - English To Kannada

When you write Kannada words in English, pronunciation may not be accurate while reading it. Just to bridge this gap, here's the guidelines followed more commonly by many people including few language translator softwares or tools:

The vowels that are capitalized are long such as:

kEli (here E is as in Baby).
- kEli means 'ask' in English.

Ane ( here A is as in Ball).
- Ane means 'elephant' in English.

In contrast, in aDike a is short as in "arrogant".
- aDike means 'betel nut' in English.

hOda (here O is as in goal)
- hOda means 'gone' in English.

vIra (Here I is as in Meeting)
- vIra means 'winner' in English.

pUjari (here U is as in cool)
- pUjari means 'priest' in English.

Will try to cover few more words, its meaning & pronounciation during my free time.

Hope it helps!

- by - A netizen of Bangalore