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Few proverbs or gAdegaLu - Kannada To English

Few proverbs or gAdegaLu - Kannada To English

* aDikege hOda mAna Ane koTru barolla (Kannada)
- The reputation lost for a betel nut cannot be regained by donating an elephant (English)

aDike means "betel nut" in English
mAna means "reputation" in English
Ane means "elephant" in English
koTru means "give" or "donate" in English
barolla means "won't come" or "cannot be regained" in English
hOda means "gone" or "lost" in English

* aDDa gODeya mEle dIpa iTTa hAge (Kannada)
- It is like placing a lamp atop a partitioning wall (English)

dIpa means "lamp" in English
mEle means "atop" in English
gODe means "wall" in English
aDDa means "partitioning wall" in English
iTTa hAge means "like placing" in English

* athegondu kAla, sosegondu kAla (Kannada)
- There is a time for mother-in-law and a time for daughter-in-law (English)
This proverb is similar to "Every dog has his day."

athe means "mother-in-law" in English
sose means "daughter-in-law" in English
kAla means "time" in English

* AAseye DHukaKe Mula (Kannada)
- Desire is the cause of all Sorrow (English)

AAse means "desire" in English
DHuka means "sorrow" in English
Mula means "cause" or "source" or "root" in English

Source: Wikiquote

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Good job

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Athi aase gathi kedu

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what is the English proverb for this proverb?
baggidavanige ondu guddu jasti