Saturday, October 13, 2007

Numbers in Kannada - English to Kannada

Lets learn the numbers in kannada:

1 = ondhu
2 = eradu
3 = mooru
4 = naalku
5 = aidhu
6 = aaru
7 = elu
8 = entu
9 = ombhathu
10 = hathu
11 = hannondhu
12 = hanneradu
13 = hadhimooru
14 = hadhinaalku
15 = hadhinaidhu
16 = hadhinaaru
17 = hadhinelu
18 = hadhinentu
19 = hatthombathu
20 = ippathu
30 = moovathu
40 = nalvathu
50 = aivathu
60 = aravathu
70 = eppathu
80 = embhathu
90 = thombathu
100 = nooru
200 = innooru
300 = munnooru
400 = naannooru
500 = ainooru
600 = aarnooru
700 = elnooru
800 = entnooru
900 = ombhainooru
1,000 = ondhu saavira
1,00,000 = ondhu laksha
1,00,00,000 = ondhu koti


vishravars said...

This will be a fantastic resource. Please keep writing. It will be very useful for guys like me who come from a different state. I encourage even non kannadigas to speak right language without english mix.

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Anonymous said...

What is the word for half (1/2) ?
Eg. how to say "one thousand five hundred" and "one and a half thousand" ?

iBangalorean - A netizen of Bangalore said...

half(1/2) = ardha (or 'vare' as suffix to other numbers)

"one thousand five hundred" = ondhu saavirada ainooru".

"one and a half thousand" = "ondhu vare saavira".

Hope it helps!

Nanda Kishor
Webmaster of

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Nanda Kishor, for answering my question.

Thanks also for this website.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you read/write Kannada as well, but I am teaching myself to and was wondering if you could tell me if the numbers are written the same as Arabic numerals. For example, is the number "11" just two one symbols (೧) next to each other: "೧೧" ? And "12": "೧೨"? And so on...?

Also, is Baraha a trusted program for typing Kannada? I can read the letters, but I don't quite understand the half-letters/glyphs and was wondering if typing in Kannada via Baraha is accurate.

Thank you VERY much for your help and a great site!

Anonymous said...

Hi... What is zero in kannada?

Anonymous said...

zero = "pooji" in kannada.

Anonymous said...

(Though question is quite old, here is the answer)
Zero = "Sonne" (ಸೊನ್ನೆ) in Kannada.

Anonymous said...

awesome post! good going

Anonymous said...

loude barabar kod le chinalke

Anonymous said...

good site for kannada learning

Anonymous said...

Good initiative dude. It helps. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell after 100. If we have to say 101, 201. How do we say that in kannada

Anonymous said...

101 = noora ondhu
201 = innoora ondhu

Unknown said...

How to say , ' I postponed my homeward journey for a period of two weeks'

Jitesh Das said...

Thanks alot...It's very helpful to understand..