Sunday, October 21, 2007

Talking to Autowallahs How to ? - English To Kannada

Talking to Autowallahs or Auto drivers in Bangalore - How to ?

Sir, Will you come to Koramangala? = Saar, Koramangala bertheera?
Yes = bartheeni
No = illa or baralla
Where exactly you want to go ? = Neevu sariyaagee ellige hogbeku.
I want to go to Forum mall at Koramangala = Naanu Forum mall ige hOgbeku.
Will you stop near the ATM = Swalpa ATM hathira stop maadtheera.
Sir, I want to fill the fuel - Is it fine for you? = Saar, naanu gaadige indhana (fuel) haakusbeku, Parvaagilva ?
Go via Indiranagar = Indiranagar kade inda hOgee.
You've to pay double the auto fare, Otherwise I will not come = Neevu double kotre bertheeni, illa andre baralla.
Why I should pay double the auto fare ? = Naanu yaakey double kodbeku?
At night i.e. After 10pm you've to pay the double fare ? = Raathri hothu andare hathu ganteya nanthara double kodbeku.
Its raining! you've to pay double = Male birtha ide, neevu double kodbeku.
I'll stop here. I'll not come as the road is not good and it damages my auto. = Naanu ille nillustha iddeeni. Illinda munde baralla ree, yaake andre road chennagilla! Amele nanna gaadi kettOguthey.
Please go ahead and there is a nice tar road ahead. = Swalpa mundey hOgee amele chennagirO tar road siguthey.
I'll not give double the auto fare now, Will you come or not ? = Naanu eega double kodolla kanri, birtheera ilva ?
If you don't come, I'll complain to Police = Neevu baralilla andrey police ge heltheeni.
Do'nt argue with me = Sumey argue maadbedi
Take right turn = Balakkey thirugee Or right hOgee in Kanglish ;-)
Take left turn = Edakkey thirugee Or left hOgee in Kanglish ;-)
Go straight = Nera hogee Or straight hOgee in Kanglish ;-)
What is the auto fare ? = Eshtu pay maadbeku Or Auto baadige eshtu
Minimum autofare is Rs.12 for 2 kms and Rs.6 for every 1 km = Eradu kilometer varegu - kannishta (or minimum) hanneradu rupaayee aaguthey, Amele ondu kilometer ge aaru rupaayee aaguthe.
I don't have change = Nanna hathira change illa saar
Please go fast = Swalpa bega hOgee
Please go slow = Swalpa nidhaanavaagee chalisi
What is your name ? = Nimma hesarenu?

Kanglish = swalpa Kannada + little bit English i.e. mixture of kannada & english words in a sentence.

- by - A netizen of Bangalore


Sneha said...

superb work.. i had been staying here in bangalore for the past 7 years.. i didnt even know how to speak a single kannada word.. now i m learning n hoping to pick up fast.. thanks a lot.

Nivi said...

Gr8 job....Keep posting...Hope to learn kannada soon via yr blog!!

Anonymous said...

i think it feel very helpful keep posting like this very intrested to learn kannada

Anonymous said...

Excellent Work!! Keep It Up!