Friday, July 18, 2008

Short Answers Part1 - English To Kannada

Short Answers Part1 - English To Kannada

[English] Are you busy?
[Kannada] Thumbaa kelsa idya? or busy idya?
(a)[English] Yes
[Kannada] howdu
(b)[English] No
[Kannada] illa

[English] Do you like Bangalore?
[Kannada] Bengaluru nimage ishta aytha?
(a)[English] Yes
[Kannada] ishta aythu
(b)[English] No
[Kannada] illa / ishta aaglilla

[English] Do you ride a bike?
[Kannada] Nimage bike Odsokkey barutha ?
(a)[English] Yes
[Kannada] baruthey / Odustheeni
(b)[English] No
[Kannada] illa / barolla

[English] Can you speak Kannada ?
[Kannada] Kannada maathadokkey nimage barutha?
(a)[English] Yes
[Kannada] baruthey
(b)[English] No
[Kannada] illa / barolla

[English] Do you and your friends play cricket on every Sunday?
[Kannada] neevu mathu nimma friends prathee bhanuvaara cricket aadtheera ?
(a)[English] Yes
[Kannada] howdu / aadtheevi
(b)[English] No
[Kannada] illa / aadalla

Some of the words used and its equivalent word in kannada are as follows:
busy (english) = thumba kelsa(kannada)
like = ishta
speak = maathaadu / maathaadokkey
play = aata / aadu / aadtheera / adtheevi / aadalla
every sunday = prathee bhanuvaara
you = neenu / nimagey / neevu
ride = Odisu / Odsokkey / Odsalla / Odustheeni
and = mathu

- by iBangalorean


Anonymous said...


Good blog.. i thanks for your work... thanks alot.


dj said...

good job......iam a malayalee.. this is very helpfull to learn kannada.........thank you

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Najmul Huda said...

Kindly translate the following sentences into simple spoken Kannada (with emphasis on the words in caps).
1)Even Tendulkar could not do MUCH/ANYTHING for his team.
2) EVEN Gandhiji COULD NOT have stopped corruption in today's India.
3)I DON'T THINK Australia will win the T20 World Cup.
4)I THINK West Indies will win the T20 World Cup.
5)My cellphone GOT LOST.
6)His boss SACKED him.
7)He QUIT his job.
8)His boss threatened to DISMISS him from his job.

Maria Mcclain said...

interesting blog, i will visit ur blog very often, hope u go for this website to increase visitor.Happy Blogging!!!

Gayathri said...

I am a tamil huduGi married to a Kannadiga huduGa :)... I just love this blog...

Thank you folks... Good work..

nisha punjabi said...

hey whats a cow called in kannada? please let me know asap. is it hassu? coz someone is screaming that at me everyday :(

mischel johnson said...
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Anonymous said...

it is highly useful to KANNADA learners by AMMAPALLI SRIPATHY

Bhadri B N said...

Hey not like that

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