Thursday, July 10, 2008

Order food in self-service hotel - English To Kannada

Order food in self-service hotel
[English] - You : I'd like one Dosa please.
[Kannada] - You : ondhu Dosa kodi

[English] - Cashier : What kind of Dosa would you like ?
[Kannada] - Cashier : Yaava Dosa beku ?

[English] - You : What are the options available ?
[Kannada] - You : yaava yaava Dosa idhey?

[English] - Cashier : plain dosa, set dosa, masala dosa, rava dosa, onion dosa [Kannada] - Cashier : plain dosa, set dosa, masala dosa, rava dosa, onion dosa idey ?

[English] - You : Hmmm! Masala Dosa, please.
[Kannada] - You : Hmmm! Masala Dosa kodi.

[English] - Cashier : For here or for parcel?
[Kannada] - Cashier : illey naa athava parcella ?

[English] - You : For here.
[Kannada] - You : illey

[English] - Cashier : Alright. That's gonna be 15 rupees.
[Kannada] - Cashier : aythu. 15 rupees aaguthey.

[English] - You (pay Rs.15) : take it
[Kannada] - You (pay Rs.15) : thagOlli

[English] - Cashier : Thank you. please handover this token to get the food.
[Kannada] - Cashier : Thank you. eee token kotrey Dosa kodtharey.

[English] - You : Alright.
[Kannada] - You : Aythu.

[English] - You (handover the token) : Give me one Masala Dosa
[Kannada] - You (handover the token) : Ondhu Masala Dosa kodi

[English] - Token Collector : Wait for a minute.
[Kannada] - Token Collector : ondhu nimisha wait maadee

[English] - You : Okay but Make it fast.
[Kannada] - You : okay aadrey swalpa bega maadee

[English] - Token Collector : hello sir, you've ordered masala dosa right! take it.
[Kannada] - Token Collector : hello saar, neevu Masala Dosa order maadidralla thagolli.

[English] - You : Thank You. Slrrrrp
[Kannada] - You : Thank You. Slrrrrp


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