Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Literal Translation of Minchagi Neenu Baralu song from Galipata movie to English

Minchagi Neenu Baralu song from Galipata movie

This is just for FUN. Original kannada lyrics by Mr.Jayanth Kaykini. Literal translation (word to word) of the same song to English is done by Varun (my friend) which is as follows:

Like lightning u coming
Where i'm standing, there only raining

If it is warm and you are with me
Where i'm sitting there only winter

If the heat of loneliness starts burning
In the heart summer season

Where there is for me chance to live...

For ur heart, i'm the tax payer
To pay my tax dues, i'll definitely come

For the straight heart, i'm the news reporter,
The second i see you, i forget my speech

Excuse me oh lyre, shall i play you
By listening and telling, first of all i'm a culprit

From your mind, lyrics of the poem
I'll get a credit, i'm a loan taker

Memories stolen from the hole in the wall,
I'm an equal partner for that

My pain of the heart, i'll not give it to you
By listening and telling, first of all i'm a thief

Hope you'll enjoy it.


frndz said...

wohohohohahahahahha ...soooper

Gold said...

Sakkathamma.... bayanaka maga...

Anonymous said...

Thank you.. I like it.. I like it :)

- Varun

Sudhi said...

chindhi le OC...full jamaisbutidhya...keep em comin


Anonymous said...

I like your english conversation blog. It's a good blog for learn english conversation

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Anonymous said...

Lovely song! :D Thanks for the translation.

hey do u know the song
matte matte ninna nenapene sung by sonu nigam in the kannada movie : shivani.

its great song! can u translate it in english please!

selva said...

Lovely song.. thanks for the translation.. it is really good for me like Kannada learners... thanks a lot...

Vinodhv4s said...

Hi...Can i have the same type translation for the song 1) Ninagende Vishesha, Singer : Kunal Ganjawala, Hansika and 2) Hagella Nee Nodbyedaa - Singer : Haricharan, Anitha
from the movie prithvi.

രഘു said...

it would have been better if u had posted the kannada lyrics also!

Ganga Devaiah said...

thanks sooooo much! i really appreciate! since I am soooo trying to learn Kannada well :DDD thanks thanks dhanyavadagalu!