Thursday, March 6, 2008

Learn Kannada Resources - Part 1 - English To Kannada

I've compiled a Learn Kannada Resources based on my knowledge and digging through search engine results: - Banavasi Balaga - A one stop user friendly online resource for information on Kannada, Karnataka and Kannadigas.

Download Learn_Kannada.pdf - Covers basics of Kannada. Tuitions - To lift your confidence about learning Kannada.

Will share few more resources in Part 2.

- by Nanda Kishor from - A netizen of Bangalore


Anonymous said...

The pdf is great. thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Hope you will enjoy it

Seema sultana

Anonymous said...

Athi hai yaad thumhari
accha hai naam thumhara
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jaanali < Abbas ali Naghma sultana>
thank you

Nithya said...

Thank you very much for the pdf...excellent...

carlos said...

awesome yar thanks alot ....:)

Anonymous said...

wow .... kisses .... thanx ya.

Anonymous said...

searching for english to kannada tutorials on net rigorously.. this one is awesome! it helps.. thankssss a lotttt...

Jas said...

Very informative..thanks for all the effort!

Anonymous said...

nice one!!1 very useful

Tahjib said...

it very very good file anyone easily lurn kannada

Mani said...

Good preparation.Easy to learn

Anonymous said...

thanx man!

Navya said...

Good one.. thanks.. :)