Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chatting with your Kannadiga fiance... - Part 1 - English To Kannada

Chatting with your Kannadiga fiance, friend, colleague, etc. - English To Kannada

hi = hai
had breakfast = thindi aaytha ?
had lunch ? = oota aytha ??
had cofee/tea ? = coffee/tea aytha ??
good morning = shubhodhaya
good evening = shubha sanje
good night = shubha raathri
what are you doing ? = enu maadtha idYa Or iddeera ?
How is your life ? = nimma Or ninna jeevana hegidhey ?
See you = sigOnaa
Sorry = Kshamisi
Shall we go to movie today ? = Ivathu cinema gey hOgOnva ?
Tell = Helu
How are you ? = hengiddeera Or hengidya ?
What else ? = innenu mathey samaachaara ?
(LTNS)Long time no see = thumba dina aythu nodi
Bored = bejaaru agthidey
Not feeling well = my hushaarilla
You sing well = Neevu (Or Neenu) chennagi haadtheera (Or haadtheeya)
Silence = mowna
Laugh = nagu
Cry = alu
Later = amele
Lord help us = Devare kaapaadu nammannu
Thanks = DhanyavaadagaLu

Part 2 is on the way.....

- by Nanda Kishor from - A netizen of Bangalore


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nice my friend....this is ixactly what i was searching for for a couple of weeks now :)

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hey where can i get all kannada song lyrics... ??? help anyone

Chandan Kumar Mahato said...

Thanx for the help.Your blog is very helpful.If possible give some conversation with the bus conductor.I am very much interested to learn the language.

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this blogs really informative for non-kannadigas who want to learn kannada for some reason or the other. You did a good job! Although I hardly see part-2's..hope you'll find time to keep this blog updated! Thanks!

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Please add a conversation to know the address and the direction with an unknown person....

Sunada Jayaram said...

If breakfast is thindi then why do people from Karnataka call it tiffin or tiffun more popularly????